$200 Per Year

NHTC Family Membership - $200 Per Year

Membership duration: 1 November to 31 October 

Family Membership allows you to register your family with a single registration.

Before registering, please click on the 'More info' button to read about our conditions of a family membership package.


  1. Tri NZ Membership included*
  2. Weekly Newsletter from the NHTC Coaching Staff
  3. All year around group training in all 3 disciplines
  4. Novice training sessions for those just starting
  5. NHTC Branded training and racing gear
  6. Support with bike setup and maintenance

*As a Tri NZ affiliated club it is a requirement that all club members are also members of Tri NZ.

A family is any number of individuals in a legitimate parent(s) / legal guardian and dependent child(ren) relationship. 

If you are registering a family, you should click on the 'Sign Up The Family' button and register with your own name. Then email us with the names of all the full names, age, gender details of your family members.

$200 Per Year

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

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