About Us

Our Club History

The 'North Harbour Triathlon Company' was formed in 1984 by Phil Briars and Dave Robertson, with the aim of promoting various triathlon events on the Shore. The athletes who would soon make up the North Harbour Triathlon Club provided the manpower to help run the events, some of which are still being run by the club today.

It wasn’t until 1986 that the original 15 club members, who had come from various sporting backgrounds, found each other at the Les Mills World of Fitness Gym, a place which had grown in popularity with runners and cyclists and was very supportive of triathlon. They even ran a very popular race at St. Heliers for a number of years until traffic issues forced it to close.

Phil Briars led the club through its ‘early years’, high point being the Race Director of the opening event of the 1990 Commonwealth Games where Kiwis, Rick Wells and Erin Baker both won gold medals. Rick Wells was one of several members of North Harbour Triathlon Club who competed. The club’s reputation occasionally extends beyond the field of triathlon. When one of our members was tramping on the Inca Trail in 1998 the locals were so impressed with the selection of club T-shirts Eric wore that they asked to have them as souvenirs, because they were so taken by their unique design and the words “New Zealand” emblazoned on the front.

Our Mission

“To provide a fun, healthy and competitive environment in which local athletes of all abilities can achieve their personal triathlon goals”

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